"Modern Functions of the Scientific and Technical Library"

On October 30, the Scientific-Technical Library of the National Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship organized a training course for the students  of "Mkhitar Sebastatsi" Educational Complex on the topic of "Modern Functions of the Scientific and Technical Library", the purpose of which was to introduce the participants to the Library current activities, library-information service using traditional and modern technologies and gain practical skills.

The corresponding specialists of the Center presented the functions of stocking, technical and scientific development, traditional and electronic catalogs, "IRBIS -64" library automation system, electronic delivery service for individuals and organizations, electronic library resources and a number of access to international databases. The students get acquainted with the professional funds (books, periodicals, patents, normative-technical documents, industrial catalogs), they have made an idea about the important role of the library as a place of preservation of our country's scientific thought and heritage.

The participants also got acquainted with the exhibition of new scientific and technical literature in the reading hall and became library users.