On June 7, 2019, the Scientific and Technical Library of the National Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship organized a meeting-discussion dedicated to the World Environment Day called «A Clean, Healthy and Green Earth Planet» from the Series of Meetings with Authors and Scholars.

The aim of the event was to highlight the role of books in the modern information environment, as well as to replenish the collection of the Scientific and Technical Library of the Centre with valuable Armenian professional books.

The event was attended by the Head of the Environmental Protection Policy Department of the Ministry of Environment of the RA and the Bio-resources Management Agency, Yerevan State University's Department of Geography and Geology, Sustainable Development Center, Armenian State Economic University, «Amberd» Research Center, Armenian State Agrarian University, Ecology and Organic Agricultural Research Center, National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia, Yerevan branch of Russia Economical university after G. V. Plekhanov, «Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Community Sustainable Development», «Khazer» Ecological-Cultural Center, «Tapan» Eco-Cultural Center, Yerevan State Pedagogical University, «Little Prince» Educomplex, representatives of  «Voice of Life» public organization and other interested person.

The discussion was led by Levon Gharibyan, head of the Scientific and Technical Library, who presented the authors and the importance of their publications, the environmental biotechnological methods used for the protection of the environment, the environment and environmental safety issues, Recycle It project in Armenia: development of circular economy, formation of waste sorting and recycling culture.

Director of the Ecology and Organic Agricultural Research Center of the Armenian State Agrarian University, Professor Meruzhan Galstyan presented the Biological Biotechnology textbook, the methods and directions of major environmental biotechnologies, as well as biotechnological production of waste processing, waste management and macromolecules processes. In addition, Dr. Vyacheslav Harutyunyan, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, from the National Agrarian University of Armenia, also presented the Ecological Safety textbook, describing the problems of the environment and human ecological safety.

Senior expert, Doctor of Economics, Professor Samvel Avetisyan, Senior Expert of the Amberd Research Center of the Armenian State University of Economics, presented the «International Experience of Innovative Natural Resources Usage and Application Capabilities in Armenia», where current trends in the use of natural resources have been studied.

Emma Khachatryan, Karine Maysuryan and Hrant Sargsyan also presented their books. 



The authors were awarded a Certificate of application for donating valuable books to the library.
For participants, the Library's thematic exhibition was operating.