«Deposited Scientific Works in the Scientific and Technical Library»

Scientific and Technical Library of the National Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship   On September 25, 2020, has organized a presentation entitled «Deposited Scientific Works in the Scientific and Technical Library», which was dedicated to the monograph «The History of Gyumri Energy», «The Current State of the Yerevan Thermal Power Plant and the Prospects for its Development» «The Current state of Hrazdan TPP and  Development Prospects» by  a scientist, writer, publicist and author of a number of books Stepan Papikyan.
The event was attended by representatives of various organizations.
The purpose of the event was presented by the head of the Scientific and Technical Library Leon Gharibyan. Then S. Papikyan spoke about the history of energy in Gyumri, important historical information on power plants, as well as heating supply systems, historical data on Yerevan, Hrazdan thermal power plants, current situation and development prospects. The author also presented the analysis and recommendations that will allow to save fuel and energy resources, contributing to the solution of environmental problems.
During the event, the speaker also talk about the  «Deposited Scientific Works» service provided by the Scientific and Technical Library, which in particular enabled the author to protect his copyright under the legislation, to make scientific manuscripts public, to store them in the library and to provide access to the general public.
In the end, Stepan Papikyan answered the questions of the audience, talked about his future plans, in particular, the creation of an Energy Museum based on his scientific works published over the years as documentary materials. The head of the library expressed readiness to support this program.
The participants got acquainted with the fund of scientific works deposited in the library.