Chinese scientists have created a material for electronics production that is completely soluble in water

Scientists from China have developed a nanocomposite material that can be used to make electronic products (phones, chips, computers). Its main feature is that the new material is easily soluble in water, allowing harmless disposal of electronics. The article was published in Jenmin Jibao Online.
According to the developers, electronic products made of the new material can be operated under normal conditions. In rain and not long stay under water, products will retain their properties. After the life of the product, it can be disposed of simply by putting it in water for a few days. Such a development goes side by side with the concept of clean and easy recycling of electronic products.
The possibility of creating implantable chips made of nanocomposite material is noted. The chips will be able to leave the human body harmlessly upon completion of their work.
In 2019, more than 50 million tons of electronics were produced, and only 2% (about 1 million tons) were recycled. The developed material will help solve this problem, according to Huang Xiang, head of the study.