Wind and New Fabric allows you to transfer information by handshake and pay for purchases

It does not require electricity, it is attached to any clothes like a regular label.
Scientists from the University of California have created a new type of fabric that will allow to create clothes that can "communicate" with each other. This will allow the owner to transfer data or pay for purchases without removing the phone or other smart device.
The new material uses NFC technology, which allows you to make contactless payments on smartphones, but scientists have managed to increase the range of wireless transmission from a few centimeters to 1.2 meters.
Unlike other types of smart fabrics that use rechargeable batteries that can restrict user movement, the new solution uses engraved copper և aluminum foil cells to communicate through magnetic induction without the need for energy.
Individual pieces of clothing can perform different functions and work together. For example, pants may have sensors that track the movements of the legs and transmit that information. The material can also be integrated into hospital gowns too, continuously monitor the patient's condition without the need for additional sensors.
Scientists claim that clothes made of such material will be easy for any size, and production will not be expensive. Moreover, it can be attached to existing clothes as a label, which will allow you to use it without changing clothes.

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