Scientists offer  unexpected way quickly to fall a sleep

Scientists from Seoul National University have named an unexpected way to fall asleep quickly. According to them, socks worn at night help reduce body temperature, which contributes to a comfortable sleep.
Experts noted that socks allow you to expand the distal vessels and provide a rush of blood to the feet, as a result of which the body temperature begins to decrease. The researchers invited six men to study their sleep. Each of the subjects first slept in socks, then without them.
Participants in the experiment slept at a temperature of 23 degrees. They fell asleep in socks 7.5 minutes faster than with bare feet, and 7.5 times less likely to wake up at night. Overall sleep time was also 32 minutes longer and sleep efficiency was 7.6 percent higher.
The scientists came to the conclusion that it is possible to improve the quality of sleep by influencing the temperature of the legs during the entire time of sleep. However, the Sleep Foundation warns that this may not be the best option for older people. It is also not recommended to wear socks for those who have problems with blood circulation.