Scientists discover 3,000 year old shoe in Norway's melting glaciers

Norway's oldest shoe is 3,000 years old from the Bronze Age, and is just one of thousands of ancient artifacts that have been recovered from the country's melting mountain ice patches in the past two decades, according to a new report from the University of Science and Technology, Norway. Artifacts recovered from Norwegian ice patches are often in good condition, showing minimal disintegration and deformation even after thousands of years of frozen hibernation. This is because ice patches are relatively stable, immobile, and free from corrosive compounds. Scientists found completely intact weapons, clothing, textiles and the remains of plants and animals, helping to highlight thousands of years of Norwegian history, Live Science reports. The 3,000-year-old shoe is still an outstanding find, and belongs to a woman or a young man. The shoe was discovered alongside several arrows and a wooden shovel, indicating that the site was an important hunting ground.