Will AI replace workforce?: Panel discussion at Global Innovation Forum

In line with the development of artificial intelligence, it is also forecast that it will “take” jobs from the people and will replace the workforce. 80 million jobs are expected to be eliminated in coming 5-10 years, but at the same time 100-110 million jobs will be created. This topic was discussed today on the sidelines of the Global Innovation Forum in Yerevan.
“When you hear about any type of really disruptive technology, people are usually afraid, afraid of what is going to mean for their jobs and what is going to mean for the future. And apparently, as we heard, we should not be afraid of artificial intelligence. There are a number of studies coming out from multiple think tanks and governments, indicating that millions of new jobs will be created within the next few years and decades to come”, moderator of the panel Lara Farrar, Contributor of CNN International, China, said.
Armen Martirosyan, Co-Founder and CEO of BluIP, USA, said AI should in some way promote international relations. “We don’t want to replace people and do through AI what a person does, but through AI we are trying to ensure the communication for the person which he/she gets by communicating with ordinary people”, he said.
Ashot Hovanesian, Founder & CEO of Synergy International Systems believes that in the next 5 years AI and automation will become a widespread phenomena.
Krisp & 10Web Co-Founder Artavazd Minasyan added that time has come to automate the sectors and fields which are being automated very slowly. He believes that AI can replace the man in the field of services, but in case of creative work, for example graphic design, it would be difficult.