RAPIDFire unmanned fighter at the exhibition

Such a tower can destroy all drones within a radius of 4000 meters. There is a remote control and a smart system for selecting ammunition. At the Euronaval 2022 naval defense exhibition held in Paris, a prototype combat tower capable of destroying a swarm of drones was presented. The manufacturer stated that each new attack system encourages the creation of a new defense system. The activity of drones and small mines is now noticeable. RAPIDFire was built against all of this. The tower received an intelligent search and guidance system. The device itself finds drones and shoots at the target. There is nothing for a man to do here. The radius of destruction is 4000 meters. The new product contains 140 shells, which should be enough for 30 waves of drones. There is also a multispectral view, high-speed lasers and a remote control system. The creator of RAPIDFire emphasized that different types of cartridges can be loaded into their rifle. The tower itself can determine the target and pick up the right ammunition. Such a tower can be placed on small ships, beaches, trucks and buildings. It is planned to start mass production of the device in 2023.