Traffic lights will disappear from roads in the future

Engineers offer two methods for the complete elimination of traffic lights.
The researchers talked about the ways of the future. They predicted the world a new generation without traffic lights. And it should be soon.
ACS engineers presented statistics showing that roundabouts are much safer than intersections with traffic lights. The number of accidents on the "rings" is lower about 37%, which makes them safer and more efficient in urban environments.
The same ACS scientists said that the “rings” are cheaper to build than intersections with traffic lights.
In addition, such a direction as smart cars with autopilot is actively developing. They can synchronize with neighboring cars and "negotiate" on the movement, so as not to interfere with each other. In the future, there will be road Internet cars.
Thus, people will be able to move almost non-stop even where there is an intersection but no traffic lights. In addition, smart cars will be able to go around each other so as not to cause an accident.