Scientists have created the first robot that sweats, trembles and breathes

Engineers at Arizona State University (USA) have redesigned a robot used by manufacturers of clothing and sports equipment. Now its name is ANDI, and it can simulate the thermal functions of the human body.

The world's first mannequin that generates heat, shivers, walks and breathes could help scientists understand the body's flexibility in extreme heat and stuffy environments.

The robot reproduces thermal functions thanks to synthetic pores, as well as artificial sweat and heat flow sensors. They are located in 35 different parts of its surface.

With an internal cooling channel, ANDI became the first thermal android suitable for outdoor testing. And this means that now scientists can test it in a real environment, which they plan to do in the Arizona desert (USA) in the near future.

ANDI is now being tested in a special hot room where it is exposed to strong winds, solar radiation and temperatures of up to 60 degrees. During the tests, he is given different parameters so that he reacts like different people, depending on weight, age, chronic diseases and other factors.

Experiments with the open-air breathing and sweating robot should begin this summer. In addition to the desert, it will be tested in urban environments in extreme heat and in old houses with broken air conditioning.