The world's first humanoid robot pilot has been created in South Korea

South Korea's Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) has created the world's first humanoid robot capable of performing the functions of a pilot. He got the name PIBOT and skills based on artificial intelligence.
This is not the first time that a robot pilot has been created, but the peculiarity of this development is that it is humanoid, that is, a humanoid robot. Its appearance on modern aircraft does not require an upgrade or reconstruction of the crew compartment.
The new robot pilot simply sits in the pilot's seat and is ready to perform his duties. Using the ChatGPT technology, he is able to remember the aviation maps of any area of ​​the world, quickly master the reference instructions to act effectively even in emergency situations, reports Planet Today.
The creators of the new product assure that the robot will be more reliable in flight than an ordinary pilot. It is not afraid of strong turbulence and uses a built-in camera to monitor the state of the external environment.