Scientists have found a way to turn plastic waste into soap

Despite the efforts of scientists and industry, the recycling of plastic waste is still poorly implemented. Plastic pollutes the environment: soil, water, air, from there it enters the body of animals and people, kills plants.
As Science magazine reported, about 60 percent of plastic waste ends up in landfills or is dumped everywhere, including the world's oceans, where there are islands of synthetic garbage.
Specialists of the Viginia Tech private company presented not just their project for the treatment of these wastes, but thought about how to make useful and necessary products from them, Planet Today reported.
But first they created a technology that allows turning plastic into active materials. These compounds are basic in the production of soap, ointments, ski wax and a number of other products.
Experts have prepared a special reactor in which, upon heating and subsequent cooling, plastic turns into wax with short carbon chains.
These chains then enter into a reaction with oxygen and a group of atoms of the alkali solution. The obtained surface-active material is mixed with the dye and aromatizer and turns into a detergent.