A simple way to extend life by 20 years and slow down aging has been discovered

It has long been noted that the biological age of a person does not always coincide with the calendar age. But it turns out that there is a completely accessible way to "turn back" the biological clock.
As the Science Daily magazine reports, British scientists have concluded that there is a simple method to influence biological age. That's regular brisk walking, researchers at the University of Leicester found, based on a study of genetic data from 405,981 participants.
The main moment of the research was the study of the data on the ends of the chromosomes of the volunteers, which are the main biomarkers of the aging of the organism, reports Planet Today. These are unique "small spikes" at the ends of chromosomes that protect them from damage.
When a cell divides, the ends of the chromosomes shorten. Eventually they become so short that the cell can no longer divide. This is how cell aging happens.
However, scientists have found that brisk walking helps to slow down this process, with the very ends of the chromosomes through the elongation process.
There is another indicator of accelerated biological aging. It's a weakening of grip. This was confirmed by the experience of scientists from the University of Michigan. They recommend training the muscles of the wrists with special balls.