Kirk Kerkoryan


The article is about the life and activities  of Kirk Kerkoryan (Grigoryan A.Grigor). Here are some details of this article.

The American businessman of the Armenian origin, the chief executive of the company “Transida Corporation” was born in 1917 in Fresno Grigoryan's family. Dropping out of school in 8th grade, leaning on his own forces and mind, he starts with zero to build the present huge condition. He has done various works, happens to be a professional boxer, a pilot … In 1939, he met Ted O’ Flaherty for whom he installed wall furnaces that heated water and he began  to work as an assistant, receiving 45 cents at an o'clock.

Once Теd took him to a private flight platform and suggests to fly. For the first time in his life Kerk rises in the air and sees the earth and ocean from above, that leaves indelible impression  and he understands, that the helicopter – its calling.

As a pilot of military-air forces he participates in the Second World War after which he has been engaged in hotel business and in trade, buys small charter airline «Los Angeles Air Service».

In 1945 upon termination of service Kerkoryan gets training aircraft Сessna with one engine, comes back to Los Angeles and begins private charter flights. One of its constant clients was Dzherri Williams who often flied to Las Vegas. For the first time Kerkoryan gets acquainted with Las Vegas and admires with it.

Because of rough financial activity in sphere of entertainments he has got a name "Eagle" of Las Vegas. Already in 2007 he was the richest person of Los Angeles.

As to his private life, in 1945 he got married Hilde Smith. After 9th years of a joint life get divorced. In 1955 he marries the former dancer Mari Hard's Gin. 29 years later Kerkoryan again get divorced..      


However he is not only a businessman, but also charitor: after the earthquake of Spitak and blockade he helps Armenia and Artsakh. He creates "Fund Linsi" – 151 million dollars allocates for building of roads, repair of cultural establishments, building of houses in a disaster zone; 21 million dollars on development of small and average business in Armenia. 

Today Kerk kerkoryan is 93 years old, but continues his activities...