The US has allowed the sale of artificial meat for the first time

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has approved  the sale of lab-grown meat. We are talking about chicken made by Good Meat.
This is the first permit for the sale of artificial meat in the United States. Good Meat reported that they have already received orders from two restaurants in Washington and San Francisco. 
However, some companies are working on another option: meat grown in labs from animal cells. Such cells are obtained, for example, through a biopsy. They are then placed in a bioreactor and fed a mixture of proteins, amino acids, minerals, sugar, salt and other nutrients to "grow" meat from them. More than 100 companies in the world are engaged in the development of such products. According to Grand View Research, the volume of this market in 2022 was 247 million dollars. According to McKinsey's forecasts, in the coming years, the yas indicator can register a significant increase and reach 25 billion dollars, but for this, companies must solve the issue of scaling: to start mass production, it is necessary to build huge bioreactors for growing meat.
The USA has become the second country that has granted permission to sell artificial meat. In 2020, Singapore became the first country in the world to approve the sale of artificial meat.  The same Good Meat company has received permission to sell such chicken meat in Singapore.