Armenian among 60 most influential languages worldwide – MIT research

PanARMENIAN.Net - A multidisciplinary research team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has examined the languages of the world and categorized them on how widely certain forms of media are translated into other languages, IFL science reports.

The researchers began to form their Global Language Network by identifying sources of media that had been translated into multiple languages. This included analyzing data from books, Wikipedia, and Twitter. The data set for the books included 2.2 million volumes that represented over 1,000 languages. Books that were translated from one language into another were connected in their data map. Articles on Wikipedia that had been edited by humans, not bots, were analyzed to see if editors were writing in multiple languages. The Twitter data consisted of tweets sent by 17 million users, spanning 73 languages. If a Twitter user sent out tweets in multiple languages, say French and Italian, those two languages were connected.

Armenian was the 48th most influential language in the books translations rankings, coming in 59th for Wikipedia results, and 57th for Twits.