The Pompeii Food Kiosk

Pompeii, the city destroyed by the volcano. Centuries after its disaster, it still has a lot to offer. Two new charred bodies were recently found. And now some kind of temporary food place with leftover food is discovered. The Pompeii Food Kiosk tells us a lot about its customs.
This is a unique find as they could not previously identify the dishes being sold there. But the scientists found scraps of food that gave them plenty of clues.
Zoologists working on the excavations have identified the carcasses of ducks, pig bones, sheep and goats. There are also birds and snail shells.
Wine and hot drinks were served. There were traces of ground beans on the bottom of a wine container. It happens that in ancient times they were added to wine to give it taste and lighten its color. The Pompeii Food Kiosk could well have gone back in time … almost intact.