Scientists have found out when man first used clothes

Archaeologists have discovered more than 60 bone tools in a cave on Morocco's Atlantic coast used by ancient humans to make leather garments. According to information published in the journal iScience, the age of the finds is 120 thousand years.
This is the oldest evidence of the history of clothing made by Homo sapiens. The beginning of the use of clothing is a an important event in human history. The innovation not only symbolizes the rise of man to another stage of cultural-cognitive evolution, but also allowed him to cross the borders of Africa, moving to regions with colder, unfavorable climates.
Archaeologists and anthropologists agree that Homo sapiens began to wear clothing during the late Pliocene, but so far they could not determine whether it was made of leather, fur or other organic materials. That is why scientists are constantly trying to find evidence or traces that would reveal the technology of making clothes developed by the ancient man.