Giant coral reef is discovered

Scientists have discovered a giant coral reef off Tahiti, the largest island of French Polynesia, according to UNESCO.
In a statement, UNESCO said that the coral reef, which is one of the world's largest, was found at a depth of 30 meters.
The reef is 3 kilometers long and 30 to 65 meters wide, and some corals on the reef are more than two meters in diameter.
The rose-shaped coral reefs are in perfect conditions, making it a very important discovery as they are facing threat from climate change, it added.
They also started research on why the reef is not directly affected by climate change by placing temperature sensors around the reef.
The majority of coral reefs across the world form at depths of up to 25 meters in water, while the reef in Tahiti is located at the twilight surface from 30 to 120 meters below.