China sets world record for number of space launches in 2021

China successfully lanches its space rocket on Thursday and set a new national record for the most space launches per year, reaching 55 in 2021, the China Space Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) said in a statement.
"China has carried out 55 space launches throughout the year, ranking first in the world," the CASC said in a statement.
China broke its own record for the number of space launches during the year at the end of October, having made its 40th launch. The previous record of 39 starts was recorded in 2018 and repeated in 2020.
Meanwhile, the absolute record for the number of space launches per year is the Soviet Union - 108 in 1982, followed by the United States with 77 launches in 1966. In the modern history of Russia, such a record is equal to 55 launches in 1992.
On Thursday, China made its last space launch of the year, successfully launching the Shiyan-9 experimental communications satellite from the Xichang Cosmodrome.