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Microsoft could be adding an Office key to Windows keyboards

Microsoft could be adding a dedicated Office key to future Windows keyboards, as spotted by WalkingCat on Twitter. The company is offering a survey which presumably targets users who have tried one of the concept devices. he key would be located between the right Alt and Control keys, replacing the dedicated menu and/or the right Windows key on some keyboards. It’s not certain how Microsoft will push it onto future devices, however the familiar Windows Key is required on all keyboards to be certified by the company—something that, as noted by The Verge, has existed for 25 years (longer than the author of this post). In any case, what is clear is that with productivity being a core focus of Microsoft’s business strategy, the company wants to promote its premium services—especially Office which targets both consumers and businesses—as much as possible. Is the Office key something that you would use, or would it be just one of those things that you would keep unintentionally hitting? Let us know in the comments.