Japanese created the "flying" seismosteady houses

Japan continues to surprise with the developments. Recently Japanese scientists suggested building houses which will not be on the earth that they did not collapse as a result of an earthquake. And they presented a quite real project thanks to which it is possible to realize this idea. It is not the first innovative and extraordinary project developed by the Japanese scientists, and it will be able to bring real benefit not only in Japan but in other countries.

Existence of the word "flying" in the project description is used by developers of the project to push people on their children's dreams of the flying houses. Though somewhat the Japanese design company Air Danshin Systems managed to realize a dream. It developed the system allowing houses to soar above the ground during earthquakes.

The house is established on the airbag and at the operation of sensors just hangs above the ground, and residents of the house do not feel rise. The base is not attached to a design, and after soaring the house falls by the frame established over the base. In case of an earthquake the sensors located on house perimeter work. They are responsible for the start of the delivery compressor which is located in the foundation of the building. It also serves for providing "levitation" of the house at the height up to 4 cm above the ground. As the building does not contact to the earth, it avoids earthquake consequences. 

Within the pilot implementation of the project, the system was installed already in 90 Japanese houses. The idea of the "flying" houses was adopted by many Japanese companies therefore in the nearest future development has to will appear in other Asian regions suffering from earthquakes.