A new dating application chooses your pair based on your DNA!

After reading about this new application many questions and doubts that arise when using traditional applications will be forgotten. There is only one thing that cannot be deceived and that is genetics. Hence the idea for a dating application using DNA compliance as the basis for the matching algorithm. This application is called Pheramore and requires all users to send a swab, using a specially created set. On this basis, the team isolates 11 genes that connect to our pheromones.
The combination of data and DNA in combination with personal data allows the application to have very specific matches. Pheramore is pioneering the next generation of match-making by combining science and technology. As they have promised, they bring love at first sight to the palm of your hand. The application should be available in February. How does that sound?! Do you think you will be using this new technology?!