Tesla  working  on  humanoid  robot  for  2022, Elon Musk claims

Tesla Inc has announced the appearance in 2022 of a prototype humanoid robot model Tesla Bot of its own design. The presentation of new products took place at an event dedicated to artificial intelligence, in the California city of Palo Alto, where the company's headquarters is located. The robot will be 172 centimeters tall and weigh 57 kilograms. Instead of a face, he will have a screen on which useful information will be displayed. Its arms and legs will be controlled by 40 servos, and feedback on the forces being performed will provide balance and mobility to the robot. The robot will use some of the AI ​​devices already used in the company's vehicles. For example, his vision will be provided by cameras for self-driving Tesla cars. The founder of the company, Elon Musk, assured that the robot will also be useful in everyday life: it will be able to go to the store, bring various items and perform other daily commands. "It will be built by people for people. It will be user-friendly and help get rid of dangerous, monotonous and boring tasks," Musk said. During the event, employees of the company also presented the super-fast Dojo computer designed to train the autopilot of Tesla cars.