Created folding drone with one wing

Singapore scientists created a F-SAM drone monocopter, which has one wing. It is reported by IEEE Spectrum magazine.
The device presented by Singapore University and Design Engineers has one motor with a propeller and wing. The latter has a folding design and is attached on a moving cable. In working condition, the wing is unfolded, the propeller comes in motion and drone begins to rotate around its axis, due to which the lifting force is created.
According to scientists, the aircraft has a compact size and a small weight. In the decomposed state of the F-SAM, there is a length of 35 centimeters, the weight of the structure is 69 grams, of which 40 percent fall on the battery. The flight time on one charge is about 16 minutes.
The authors noted that the design of the drone is based on the concept of maple seeds, which also have one or two walled processes, thanks to which they can plan and fly off at a large distance from the tree. In the event of a failure of the equipment, the flower apparatus with one wing does not break down, but will slowly go down to the ground.
Scientists noted that it would not be possible to shoot video from the camera of such a device, since because of the constant rotation, the picture will be blurred. But due to the decavizna and silent operation, the F-SAM can be used for scientific purposes or military operations.