Scientists have invented mini-robots to destroy plastic waste

Czech scientists from the University of Chemical Technology in Prague have invented mini-robots for extracting microplastics from the world's oceans. This is reported by the ScienceNewsForStudents portal.
Magnetic robots are no larger than the tip of a sharpened pencil. When light hits the device, chemical reactions are triggered that move the tiny bot in a specific direction in the water. When a microplastic particle is found, the apparatus begins to destroy it. It can also attach itself to debris to make it easier to spot later.
The project was led by chemist Martin Pumera. He noted that the ultimate goal of scientists is to create cheap and environmentally friendly robots that can be used anywhere in the world. In the first place, he said, such a technology could be useful in wastewater treatment plants, since mini-robots will be able to remove plastic before it enters the open sea.
Earlier, a British student Fionn Ferreira proposed to cleanse nature from microplastics with a magnetic fluid. He developed a substance with which you can filter water, purifying it of harmful impurities.