Bus-train. Japan unveils first dual-mode car that converts from train to bus in 15 seconds

Japan recently unveiled the world's first dual-mode vehicle, an ingenious invention that allows it to be driven both on a bus and on a train. The dual-mode vehicle looks like a minibus and runs on normal rubber tires on the road. But when it arrives at an interchange, steel wheels descend from the vehicle's underbelly onto the rail track, effectively turning it into a train carriage.
The train wheels lift the front tires off the track while the rear wheels stay down to propel the DMV onto the railway.
Its road and railway modes can be switched in only about 15 seconds and is designed for 21 passengers.
The novelty exceeds expectations in terms of convenience and practicality. It can be driven with regular rubber tires, but when you need to put the car into train mode, a pair of metal wheels are lowered.