Found a way to escape the drought with the help of the sun

A group of scientists from the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (Saudi Arabia) and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (China) have found an unusual and inexpensive way to escape the drought. Researchers have invented a system that works with the energy of the sun and is able to extract water from the air.
The device, called WEC2P, consists of solar panels and contains a sorbent to capture water vapor from the air. As the panels cool, the system converts the evaporation into a fresh liquid suitable for watering plants - as a rule, the process takes place at night or in the evening. According to experts, such equipment is inexpensive and will allow not only to survive the shortage of water, but also to increase the productivity of solar installations.
According to the researchers, in three months of testing, the WEC2P system was able to lower the temperature of the panels by 17 degrees Celsius and increase energy production by 9.9 percent. In addition, the device has proved to be effective for irrigating crops and can operate autonomously without requiring special infrastructure.