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An American company has developed a drone defense system that tracks up to 500 targets simultaneously

Teledyne FLIR Defense (USA), which specializes in the development of thermal imagers and sensors, has introduced a mobile drone suppression system called LVSS. The installation was placed on the chassis of a Ford F-250 truck.
In recent years, many airports have seen an increase in accidents involving drones, either operated by irresponsible owners or in the hands of outright terrorists.
A wide variety of weapons have been developed as countermeasures, including conventional shotguns, hunter drones, throwing nets, radio interference devices, kamikaze drones, and even eagles.
LVSS is a system much more complex than all of the above. It is not exchanged for the fight against individual goals. Its performance characteristics make it possible to detect hundreds of UAVs located at a distance of up to 3 km from it and at an altitude of over 450 meters.
LVSS deployment time is less than a minute. During this time, its manages to raise the mast to a five-meter height and turn on the equipment. The time of folding the mast is half a minute.
The radar tracks up to 500 targets simultaneously, while its TacFLIR-380HD camera, working in the infrared range, tracks not only enemy drones, but also aircraft using the combined efforts of software, operator and AI.
Teledyne reported that LVSS can neutralize enemy drones at ranges up to 1.5 km using 30 watt radio pulses. In this case, the car can move or stand still.