South  Korea invented the technology of remote phone charging at a distance of 30 meters

South Korea has developed wireless charging technology using infrared rays. A number of modern phones have the ability to wirelessly charge using a magnetic field, but this technology can only transfer power over a distance of a few centimeters. To make charging truly wireless, you need to transmit energy through radiation.
Sejong University engineers have developed such a system. It is based on a laser with a wavelength of 1550 nm. Such radiation does not harm human vision or other organs when using such power.
It requires a radiation source and a receiver to work, and the prototype is capable of transmitting energy up to 30 meters.
The beam exits the emitter, passes through the air and enters the receiver, which consists of a spherical retroreflector lens. It focuses incoming light at a central point where the photovoltaic component is located, which absorbs light and produces electricity.
The system will turn off if there is an obstacle between the receiver and transmitter. The size of the receiver is 1x1 cm, so it can be easily placed on your phone or other gadget. At the moment, the electrical power of the receiver reaches 85 milliwatts, in the future this figure should increase.