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Smart jewelry could save your life someday


Women facing imminent danger when walking down the street or getting into their cars will soon have new safety options in the booming wearables space.

Sense6, a five-member startup based in San Francisco, is unveiling jewelry pieces that sync to a user’s cellphone to alert authorities when the wearer encounters danger.

The device, which syncs via Bluetooth, simultaneously sends geolocation alerts to the phones of family members and loved ones at the touch of a button. Sense6’s smart jewelry also contains First Sign’s smartpin also alerts authorities when the wearer encounters trouble.

If an assault does occur, data collected by the smartpin would be valuable to first responders, investigators, and ultimately, in the courtroom if a suspect is arrested, First Sign cofounder Arthur Emanuele said.

“The security oriented wearables market is a pretty new one. And First Sign is more than just a hairclip. The process of it goes well beyond the hardware.