Kapan branch 

General Information

The Kapan branch implements information and library services, provision of documents, preparation of information materials, deposited scientific works. The branch organizes thematic exhibitions, events. 
Everybody can be a user of the library. The Kapan branch has a reading and computer rooms. The carried out literature is input by IRBIS-64 system. If necessary the requested literature is orderd in Center.


Head of the branch –  Silva Shabazyan
Leading specialist – Hamest Kirakosyan
First class specialist – Svetlana Stepanyan


The funds are rich, specialized and multilingual and has 24163 name/80748 exp. literature, including: books, periodicals, patent documents, standards, catalogues, dictionaries, encyclopaedias, electronic publications. The library has about 800 attendance, providing 2000 copies of documents.


1. Library services

  • Bibliographic search if necessary
  • Introduced information on the documents of the fund
  • Various type of information by phone
  • Thematic search
  • Copying a document


Syunik Regional Administration (Marzpetaran)
Kapan Municipality
Syunik Regional Library
Kapan Municipal Library
"State Engineering University of Armenia" Kapan branch
Kapan Geological Museum
Kapan State Engineering College
Public organizations


Address: Kapan, 22/41, str., G. Njdeh

Tel.  (0285)2-29-09