Physicists have created the world's most powerful magnet

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have made the world's most powerful high-temperature superconducting magnet.
On September 5, during tests, this magnet broke the world record of the magnetic field strength, bringing it to 20 Tesla. According to Martin Greenwald, head of the research, this successful demonstration will seriously advance the project to build the world's first thermonuclear power plant.
The temperature for fusion must reach millions of degrees, so there is no material that can withstand the reaction products. Instead, they are proposed to be held by a powerful magnetic field. But a superconducting magnet cannot withstand such electrical loads, and a low-temperature superconducting magnet is rather bulky and requires complex equipment to operate.
The new demonstration device,  SPARC, achieves a voltage of 20 Tesla and is only a couple of meters across. To create the same field, a low-temperature superconducting magnet would need 40 times more.