Articles and reviews

Structural and functional features of the national innovative systems (arm)

The essay is about the structural and functional features of the innovative systems, defining the important role of innovation as a guiding factor in economic development. Presents the fifth technological lifestyle features and four types of the national innovative system (NIS). Emphasized the preconditions for the formation of NIS, conditions,  existing problems and series of recommendations for solving the problems of formation of this system in Armenia.

The invention in Armenia (arm)

The authors of the analytical review represent the history of inventions, the primary goals of formation of the Agency of Intellectual property, the recognition and protection of the rights of owners of the patents. Innovative strategy is necessary for the development of the economy of Armenia. There are given some characteristic indexes for comparison of the countries of our territorial region from the point of view of an economy estimation, according to the methodology of the World Bank. Armenia has innovative potential which introducing to the entrepreneurs sphere, can have a positive impact on the economic growth of RА.

Maintenance of safety of the information on optical carriers (arm)

The article presented the methods of preservation of digital objects and optimum modes of storage of the information on optical disks: that is lighting, heating, sanitary-and-hygienic.
Many libraries consider that one of the main priorities of their activity today is digitizing of funds. Maintenance of safety of fund is implemented by using two directions: «preventive» and «regenerative».