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A sound column as thick as a sheet of paper

Engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created an ultra-thin speaker - it is as thin as a sheet of paper. When scaled up, it can be produced in rolls to paste over the interiors of cars and aircraft, the walls of quest rooms and any other surfaces. Also, the speaker can be connected to a computer or phone, reports Knife.
The speaker is assembled from plastic substrates and piezoelectrics, on the layer of which there are raised micro-domes that vibrate independently of each other.
The device consumes only 100 milliwatts of power per square centimeter of its area.
Speaker volume - 66 decibels at an electrical voltage of 25 volts with a frequency of 1 kilohertz. That is, with very low power consumption, the speaker will sound like a normal conversation.
If you increase the frequency to 10 kilohertz, the volume increased to 86 decibels - this is approximately the level of the volume of city traffic.