Global contributors will address the impact of technology on mental health 

Twenty-seven global investors with $2.1 trillion under management are joining forces to help companies reduce the potential negative impact of technology on their clients' mental health.
The group, led by AXA Investment Managers and Sycomore Asset Management, will work with hardware, media, internet, gaming, software, education technology and telecommunications companies to ensure they develop action plans to protect consumer mental health and well-being, the statement said.
Although the group did not name the tech companies in its statement, AXA is a small investor in Alphabet, according to Eikon.
Excessive use of screens early in human development can lead to impaired concentration and behavior, including depression and isolation, the researchers said.
Increased use of the internet, smartphones, video games, social media and streaming services raises concerns about addiction, while self-esteem and sleep can also suffer, they added.