Private Investment Programs

Hotel Complex Construction

Project description

Multifunctional 4-star Hotel Complex is planned to be constructed in Yerevan and  will correspond to international standards and operated by one of the leading international hotel brands. The project is implemented by “Sasna Erkir” CJSC the member of “X-Group” International Union.

The hotel will be situated in the Hrazdan River Gorge near Haghtanak Bridge.  One may see a beautiful view towards biblical mount Ararat. The project owner and initiator «X-Group» company owns 9000 sq/m plot. Тhe architectural brief and design permit was acquired from Yerevan municipality.

New Technologies in the Production of «Magnesium»

Project description

Magnesium production plays significant role in industries, such as energy, mining and metallurgy, but the existing production technologies are highly effective, sometimes this fact is the main reason for prevention of application of magnesium in a wider scale. Development of new and effective technologies is vital for the above mentioned industries, especially at present when the global economy is in recession. The specialists of «ECOATOM» have developed a new hydrometallurgical technology for production of magnesium and it is a result of long-term research work, furthermore, the Company has developed small size production units to demonstrate the application of the new technology. It should be noted that the new technology is progressive both for the purpose of direct and indirect investments.

"Armtopinambour" Investment program

Project description

Culturing and processing of earth apple. In the 1-st year the elevated part of the plant will realized as a forage, the root crops as an alcohol plants and cannery. In 2013 (in the period of large-scale processing of earth apple) a perfective basis of production of wide range of forage will be created, fructose, insulin, pectin, biogas, bioethanol, combustible, pellets, biofertilizer and etc. will be produced.

«Yeghegnadzor» Cannery

Project description

Being the only enterprise processing agricultural products, fruits and vesetables in Vayots Dzor marz, the sustainable activities of «Yeghegnadzor» Cannery  Ltd are  very important for the development of the agro-industrial complex of the marz.  The company was established in 60s and needs repair of industrial buildings and constructions, as will as installation of modern equipments and lines for producing competitive goods, in accordance with  international standards. In the past, products were mostly exported to CIS countries, Germany and Japan. In 2005, for the last time, the enterprise has produced 11 types of marmalades and jams, but currently it does't operate. Currently the enterprise  with its equipments and technologies is capable to produce 15-20 types of juices, jams, marinades, dry fruits, etc., which are not competitive in international market, especially due to packaging and design.

There is no fruit and vegetable processing enterprise in the marz, but  there are 12 thousand land owners whose product is not processed. The enterprise plans to restart the production of the cans by purchasing from the rural farms green walnut, apricot, peach, apple, pear, cucumber, tomatoes, rosehip, hornbeam, lily, honey, herbs and etc. The production will include jams and marmelades from walnut, apricot, peach, apple, pear, tomato, hip; jucies from apricot, apple, peach, pear, tomatoe; dry fruits from apricot, pear,  apple, cucumber, tomato,;  marinades from cucumber, tomato, hornbeam, lily; tomatato paste etc., with modern packaging and design.

For the implementation of this project the enterprise needs repair of industrial buildings and constructions, as wll as installation of modern equipments and lines for producing competitive goods, in accordance with  international standards.

Grain Crops Investment Program

Project description

Grain crops (autumn sowing wheat) in waterless conditions and processing (production of flour, bread and condensed food). Grain crops production is of great importance for bread manufacturing sector. The use of effective methods in waterless conditions will ensure significant breakthrough in wheat production.

Establishment of Dried Fruits and Vegetables Cooperative

Project description

The project aims to improve the living standards of the farms, for the provision of institutional and physical infrastructure support for the agricultural marketung. This initiative will promote the marketing of the locally produced and environmentally safe fruit and vegetables, the development of services related to packaging and labeling, thereby creating new jobs and establishing contractual relations between producers and consumers, as well as strengthening the social responsibility of the local self-goverment bodies. This project will support to rural economies  of Parakyar and surrounding communities for the development of appropriate varieties, crop processing and realization and at the same time using good strategic position and capabilities of Parakar community.

Production of Tractors

Project description

This project aims to develop the production of hp. 30-85 tractors  by means of external financing and attracting potential investment.  The latter can lead to increase the production, create new jobs and and at the same time to increase the expected profits. Thus, in 2010 was designed and in 2011, was produced the experimental model and was well received by consumers. At present  there are all conditions for the production of such tractors: areas, casting workshops, machine park, high-quality engineering personnel and other qualified specialists. To implement the above-mentioned activities, the company cooperates with foreign partners, particularly with Russian companies, which are considered to be the leader in this industry and there is a preliminary agreement to purchase 25 sets of spare parts and units, so that to provide the organization works independently and increase the production volume.

The project aims to complete the first 50 pieces production and is expected to result  minimal profit, which enables the simultaneous production of required nodes and spare parts be means of their own forces.

Then the production of the next 100 pieces will start: reducing the  production of the imported nodes and spare parts, so the own product will be used. The third  -150 pieces, will allow to reduce  the quantity of the imported nodes and spare parts, which will increase the production, create new jobs and increase the expected profits.

Sapphire Production

Project description

In regards to its unique qualities (high solidity second only to diamond),  strength, melting temperature, chemical and radiation resistance and optical transparency) sapphire is demanded in all the fields of science and technology. This is a base for the future electronics, lance production, ophthalmic scalpel, spaceship illuminators, rockets, airplanes and also luminodiode and many other modern devices. Artificial sapphire with its qualities don’t concede to the natural ones. The formation of unique scientific and experimental base and crystal production grew rapidly in 60-80 in the USSR. The development and manufacturing of the science and experimental basis started to evolve in 60-80 s in the former USSR.

Under the general  scientific guidance of the  Crystallography Institute of USSR started to develop centers in Ukraine, Armenia, as well as on the territory of RSFSR, in particular in Stavropol. The main development impulse in that period was the urge to create materials for lasers, as well as for electronic technique devices. Thus, in Armenia there was formed an infrastructure on the basis of “Lazerain tekhnika”, Institute of Physical Research of NA ARM SSR, few departments of State University and Polytechnic institute, Exact specifications Stone Factory in Nor Hachn, Arzni “Sapphire”, Chemical plant of Kirovakan, few enterprises of the Ministry of electronic, radio and electro-technical industry. There was created growth equipment; there were grown different types of crystals from melts and solutions, as well as sapphires. With its level of manufacturing and consumption of crystals Armenia was among the top three republics together with RSFSR and Ukraine. With the collapse of the USSR almost all of the activities were terminated. But the School remained and this school was one of the leading ones in the World and the method of sapphire growth inherited from  soviet security science was the best.

It is presumed to create manufacturing on the basis of the specialists of the organizations providing the number of growth equipment of TS 300 is increased up to 60, which at its turn will lead to the company market share growth in the sapphire manufacturing market up to 10%. It is expected obligatorily to have manufacturing and processing (cutting and polishing). The overall investment for the 5 years of the project will amount to 41mln. c.u. Projected revenue at the end of the 5th year is expected to be 47mln.c.u. with condition that sapphire cores will be sold at 450c.u. per kilo, which is already a low price.  In any case the proposed technical equipment level of the company gives the confidence to the company be able to react to all the possible developments in the world market conjuncture. Thus, the investment of 41mln. c.u. will allow Armenia to become one of the leading manufacturers in the market. It will also give the opportunity for employment and further development of the scientific potential of the country in high -tech field. The mentioned above will raise the ratings of Republic of Armenia, as a country with developing high-tech and the latter will attract, as we think, even more international investors which at its turn will support the development of the country and its economy in general. The above mentioned  will enhance the  ratings of the RA as a country with developing high-tech and, in our opinion, will attract even more international investors, which in turn will support to the overall development of the country and the economy.

Production of Sour Dairy Food

Project description

For many years,  people living in the Middle East, especially Armenians used sour dairy food  as  a meal and medicinal means.

The researches have shown that the sour dairy food contains such and important and vital elements for normal human body as acidofilne lactobacillus,  which easily passes through the gastrointestinal tract, strengthen and regulates the active stomach work.

Types of the sour dairy food are: yogurt, arabic leaven, asian aryane etc.  Yogurt is made of acidofil leaven (meran), which is an multi-ferment, the fermentation process is carried out by random / spontaneous / mode and, as a rule, does not exceed the number of acidofil lactobacilli. After a long -term research, Alexander Selimyan extracted a new acidofil leaven (meran).

The use of that leaven increased the number of acidofil lactobacilli /about twenty times / and caused sixteen natural amino acids, which are extremely useful for strengthening the body's immunity. In other words, be means of this new merman it is possible to get a new sour dairy food products.

This kind of fermented milk is called BIOMATSUN (bio-fermented milk), dry fermented milk based on the latest one is called CHORATAN (dried buttermilk), admixture for animals –KERATAN (whey), natural dough improver for baking – HACATAN. «Krup» company has a three -year experience particularly in healthy sour dairy food industry. This comes to show that there is a lack of qualified goods in the market. In fact, the company kept its production almost a year without financial resources, increasing its production, sales volumes and simultaneously develop a new product release. Our aim is to find a financial investor that is willing to work in the field of healthy food based on consumers’ trust.


Greenhouse Construction

Project description

The main aim is to organize high-tech agricultural production. To produce clean agricultural products with significantly less working capacity. To create jobs, provide higher profits with minimum volatility, organize production without losses.

The project's main task is to build:

  1. Fermenter , biogas and bio-fertilizers production;
  1. Dutch VENLO type high -tech greenhouse for vegetable production.

The future fermenter will produce biogas for its own needs. The greenhouse is a type of energy efficient by itself. Having its own gas production the greenhouse will become energy protected stable working object, reducing project risk, will lead to 18 -20% profit. As a result of fermenter’s workflow there is also a production of bio-fertilizers, which are exceeding currently existing chemical bio-fertilizers in the territory of the Republic of Armenia by their indicators several times. Selling by relatively low prices, we'll have an advantage in the wholesale market, as well will provide annual profit of 180 000 EUR.

VENLO type of greenhouse has a productivity, energy-saving, computer-management in the international market.