Artificial intelligence in archaeology

Specialists of the Fanagoria archaeological expedition amphorae, working in the Krasnodar Territory, plan to use artificial intelligence to piece together the amphorae that split 2500 years ago.
For the second year already, archaeologists have been trying to restore amphorae discovered in the house of the first colonists in Phanagoria. Only numerous fragments of pottery have survived to this day. The specialists managed to restore several vessels manually, but this is an extremely time-consuming process. That is why archaeologists decided to try using modern digital technologies to automatically select fragments.
Artificial intelligence will have to evaluate the characteristics of each piece of amphora and compare them with other fragments. However, first you need to create three-dimensional models of each of the fragments. To do this, each piece will need to be photographed several times from different sides.
The program should analyze them in terms of shape, thickness and other parameters. But we want to get involved in the process of developing new tools, test a new method and see if it will be possible to solve such a painstaking and time-consuming task with the help of digital technologies, ”said Sergey, deputy head of the expedition.