Scientists have discovered giant mountains 5 times higher than Everest in the Earth's crust

Scientists from different countries have united their efforts and conducted research in the Earth's crust. They managed to discover giant mountains, the height of which is 5 times higher than the height of Everest.

The mountains were found about 150 kilometers below the Earth's surface. They are located in different parts of the planet and are of great importance for science.

During the research, the scientists used various methods, including seismic data processing, gravity and magnetic field studies at different points on the Earth's surface.

According to one of the scientists who worked on the project, the mountains found in the Earth's crust can change our understanding of the structure of the earth's crust and the geological processes taking place in its crust.

Experts say that these new discoveries can have significant consequences for science and geology, and can also have an important impact on the development of various branches: engineering, construction and geology.

Although these mountains are located at a considerable depth, scientists do not rule out the possibility of a more detailed study of them in the near future.