In Russia, they created an ATS, the like of which there is no other in the world

Russian engineers have created an unmanned aerial vehicle, which has no similar in the world market. The device named "Begalyot-mirage" was created by specialists of "BEGAK" aerospace projects company. As RIA Novosti informs, the ATS is capable of flying for up to 12 hours at an altitude of up to eight thousand meters.

"We have created a working demonstration version of the device with a take-off weight of 75 kg and 6-8 thousand. meters with flight height. It also has a non-classical aerodynamic scheme," noted Alexander Begak, chief designer of the device.

According to him, ATS is designed to solve various problems, including monitoring forest fires or floods. The device has already made several flights, and other tests will begin in the near future, Life reports.