Meeting with geographer and cartographer Ruben Galchyan

On November 8, the Scientific and Technical Library of the National Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship organized a meeting with Ruben Galchyan: a geographer, researcher of cartography and cultural history, author of books, Honorary Doctor of the National Academy of Sciences: "The 2600-year history of Armenia's borders. "Changes in the geographical, cartographic and historical situation". Representatives of Sargsyan Military University and "Armenian Soldier" magazine, students of "Heratsi", pedagogues and the employees of the NCIE and the library participated in the event.
Levon Gharibyan, head of the Scientific and Technical Library of the NCIE of Armenia, welcomed the attendees, emphasized the relevance of the topic of the historical borders of Armenia in the current geopolitical situation and thanked the cartographer for the exclusive meeting with them, as well as for the books containing important historical and cartographic information.
In his speech, Ruben Galchyan, who has been working with maps of our region for more than forty years, spoke about the 2600-year history of Armenia's borders and presented the participants with many maps and cartographic information collected from different sources and countries, some of which were included in his works. The cartographer presented the most important maps made by foreigners, how they perceived and depicted Armenia in their maps, as well as maps showing the borders of the independent republics of Armenia formed in the 20th century and after that, and talked about the regular changes in the borders of Armenia and their main reasons.
The author donated 6 of his published books to the library, for which he was given a Letter of thanks as a sign of gratitude. At the end, the attendees got the answers to the questions they were interested in.
The participants also got acquainted with the thematic exhibition of professional information resources of the Scientific and Technical Library, some registered to become users of the library, and there was also an offer for cooperation with the library.