Scientists have figured out how to store the energy of the sun and store it for 18 years

Scientists from Sweden and Singapore have modified the solar thermal energy molecular storage system (MOST) so that it can now be stored for 18 years. The technology will make it possible to receive electricity in any part of the world, regardless of the weather, time of day or season. It is possible to make electronics without expensive batteries, writes EurekAlert.
MOST is based on a specially created molecule of carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen. When it comes into contact with sunlight, its structure changes. That is, an isomer is obtained.
In liquid form, it is stored for 18 years. At the right moment - at night or in winter - the catalyst releases energy from the molecule and returns it to its original form. Then the substance can be used again.
The scientists also combined the updated MOST system with a small thermoelectric generator. It turned out a device that in the future will make it possible to abandon batteries in electronics.
A microchip-like generator can be built into gadgets, and it will independently generate energy for headphones, smart watches and fitness bracelets.
“This is a completely new way to generate electricity from solar energy. This is a closed system that can work without emitting carbon dioxide,” said lead author Casper Mot-Paulsen.