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8 interesting facts about dreams


Dreams can reveal our subconscious, or be completely random. Humans average 3 – 7 dreams each night, we dream for 2 – 3 hours in a night, and 90% of the dream is lost the first minute we wake up. You can’t dream and snore at the same time. More fun facts about dreams:

1. There are no strangers in our dreams

The people in our dreams we have met or seen sometime before, even if we don’t remember.  It could be someone who didn’t make a big impact in our life, maybe the person who rang up your order or delivered a pizza. People we meet become our cast of characters that remain in our subconscious and come back in our dreams.

2. REM sleep disorder

This is the stage of sleep in which dreaming occurs, there is paralysis of the voluntary muscles, when waking from a bad dream it takes a few minutes for our muscles to respond.

3. Symbolism and Emotions

The most common emotion in dreams is anxiety. Negative emotions in dreams are more common than positive. Every dream is symbolic, even the most random ones have symbolism behind it.

4. Lucid dreams

Represent an alternate reality, you are aware that you are dreaming even though you are still asleep, the best part about these dreams you can sometimes control them.

5. Male and female dreams

-Men: dream more about strangers, violence, sexual activity, achievement, and outdoor events

-Women: slightly longer dreams that feature more characters, more nightmares, and are more likely to dream about their children, family, or household activities

6.Animals Dream Too

It is very likely that animals dream too. If you own a dog, you’ve probably seen them moving their tail or feet during their sleep and end up wondering if they too can have dreams. Many researchers believe that it’s not entirely impossible for animals to dream because they have sleep stages and cycles of NREM and REM as well.

In fact a study was performed on a gorilla that was taught to communicate through sign languages. During many points in the study the gorilla communicated through sign language about “sleep pictures”.

7. Blind People Have Vivid Dreams

As you might imagine, blind people can dream as well. Of course for those who lost their sight at a later stage in life they may also visualize images like those who can see, but those who’ve been blind since birth can dream too. However, the nature of their dreams are fundamentally different, though just as vivid.

Although they cannot see or form visual images in their mind, lifelong blind people have dreams that contain information about taste, smell, sound and touch. Even fetuses can dream. Their dreams also contain information about touch and sound.

8. People From Real Life

We never dream about people we’ve never seen before. This fact can be a bit disappointing for those who are expecting to meet someone new through a dream. The faces of people who make special appearances in our dreams are actually coming from people we’ve met before.

Even the people we think we’ve completely forgotten can appear in our dreams. The people you merely passed by in the street, the guy you sat next to in the train, the cashier in the grocery, even if that person played no important part in your life can make a grand appearance in your dream.