Superconductor could make computers 400 times faster

Thе In a world-first, a team of researchers from TU Delft demonstrated a one-way superconductor with zero resistance that blocks any current coming in the opposite direction.
The discovery could enable massive energy savings while making computers up to 400 times faster, according to a report in SciTech Daily.
Superconductors have the potential to make electronic devices hundreds of times faster at the same time as eliminating energy losses. However, magnetic fields have traditionally been required to prevent them from conducting in all directions, meaning they haven't been practical for classical computing.
The TU Delft team has provided an alternative method for controlling the current direction in a superconductor without magnets. They used a novel quantum material developed by a material physics team at Johns Hopkins University called Nb3Br8. Similar to Graphene, the material is atomically thin. Crucially, this specific material is theorized to have its own electric dipole.