Created a robot that effectively finds lost things

American scientists representing the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have previously demonstrated a robotic arm designed to search for hidden objects tagged with RFID modules. Now, scientists have improved the system and created a robot that can efficiently take out the necessary items from a pile of objects, writes TechXplore.
The robot, called FuseBot, operates according to "intelligent" algorithms that allow it to find specified objects from a pile of other objects. The robot independently analyzes the situation, finding ways to get rid of the interfering objects, and as a result, efficiently finds the target object.
The high speed at which the robot performs its task makes the system promising for  e-commerce applications.
For example, such robots can find products in an unsorted pile where returned products accumulate. Of course, the system also has other applications, which seem very promising for the commercial sector.
As noted by Fadel Adib, the main author of the development, the FuseBot robot is a hand manipulator that operates on the basis of cameras and antenna signals. The robot scans a group of objects and creates a three-dimensional model of the space that allows it to operate in the most efficient way.