Karl Benz


Charles Benz was born on November 25th, 1844 in Pfaffenort. He had s tudied at university “Polytechnic  school of Karlsruhe ”. Has died on April, 4th, leaving descendants the world company "Daimler- Benz ".


  On January 29th, 1886, a new economic revolution began,117 years after patenting James Uatta's steam machine, which became the basis for the invention of the first car working on petrol engine created by German talented engineer Charles Benz. It was the precondition of the revolution, which had developed into a real one 120 years ago, when in 1889  at the exhibition had met Charles Benz and Gotlib Daimler. As a result of their cooperation "Daimler-Benz " the world company was created. However this success was preceded with a hard work of difficulties and disappointments. Persistence and inexhaustible belief in his own forces have helped Charles Benz to succeed.

In 1870, when Benz was 26 years old his mother died. Charles, having lost the only adviser, left his work and opened a workshop with one of his friends . Soon he got married to Berta Ringer and thanks to the inheritance of his wife, he became the only owner of the business, but as Charles was an engineer, the financial position didn't interest him, soon  he became  bankrupt. Banks have given up in the further credits to the bankrupt engineer, not assuming even, that Benz has created a model of the internal combustion engine working on gasoline. Only in 1886, after persistent and painful work, Benz had received the patent, and there were investors who financed the company, which carried out Charles Benz's cars. Benz was improving the engine and at night was working in a shed, changed into a workshop. So this proceeded up to 1890. It has interested the businessmen, and owing to the investments, the firm "Benz" was created. Hence,  Charles Benz's name became a symbol of success.


  Hayk Khachatryan