Verner Von Siemens


The article is devoted to the life and work activity of famous German engineer, inventor, scientist and politician, the founder of firm Siemens Verner Siemens

Werner Ernst von Siemens was born in a small town of the Western Germany. Since childhood Siemens was interested in techniques, however, under the decision of his father, he accepted an artillery school in Maldenburgh and served in Prussian army. Fortunately, in military school mathematics and physics was taught by well known scientists. In 1838 he returned home, within one year he lost his parents.

In 1841 Siemens has opened a factory on galvanic gilding of metal products. It was interesting, that Varner has opened a galvanic method on a guardroom, where has got for participation in duel. As a military man, he was forbidden to be engaged in factory affairs, and the factory was closed.

His brother has sold the invention, having laid the empire of Siemens.

In 1845 Varner has left the military service and devoted himself to his favourite business.

On October, 1st, 1847 together with mechanic Halske has found the  firm Telegraphenbauanstalt Siemens AND Halske who were engaged in electrotelegraphy, in the sphere of exact mechanics and optics, and also creation of electromedical devices. 

In 1852 Siemens visited Russia for the first time, which was the most perspective market for selling the electrotechnical equipments. Soon he married and four children were born. After the death of his wife, he married again and two more children were born. He has become already well known as an inventor and businessman.  

In 1867 he has made the present revolution in the electric engineering, having presented to the members of the Berlin academy the model of the generator of a direct current. He has invented the unit of resistance, which has received the name «siemens», but nowadays is not used. In 1868-1870 firm S&H participated in the construction of the Indo-European cable line London — Calcutta.

Siemens has done much for accepting the law on patents, protection of German inventions abroad and has supported the young scientists.

The German people can be proud of Siemens.