China has created a "digital prosecutor" who charges with 97% accuracy
According to Chinese researchers, they are the first in the world to create a machine capable of accusing criminals using artificial intelligence.

In Shanghai, one of the district attorneys used artificial intelligence for the first time to write the text of the indictment.
It is noted that artificial intelligence acquired prosecutorial skills in 2015-2020 after handling more than 17,000 cases in Shanghai courts.
The “Digital Prosecutor” presents an indictment with 97% accuracy, based on the “characteristics” identified in court documents in specific criminal cases.
“Artificial intelligence can help prosecutors write indictments, which will reduce their daily workload and allow prosecutors to focus on more important matters,” the document says.
The "Digital Prosecutor" as is reported could be charged eight of the most common crimes in Shanghai, such as credit card fraud, gambling, dangerous driving, intentional mischief, obstructing the work of government officials, theft and fraud.